Tips to Plan Custom Exhibition Stand

Participating in an exhibition is quite challenging as you have so many things on your plate to take care of! First things first, an exhibition stand is the basic thing that can assist you in making a long-lasting impact on your audience. The usage of an exhibition stand is not only limited to advertise your brand but it also helps you in standing out from the herds of thousands while aiding you in achieving your targeted objectives. A nicely curated exhibition stand can easily enhance your brand’s image while attracting a large number of audiences. But if you are seeking answers to how’s and when’s to plan a custom exhibition stand, then here we got all your answers covered.  Right for the custom stand idea to avoiding the clutters while planning for a custom booth display- we bring you a quick and comprehensive guide to plan a custom exhibition stand.

  • Keep the purpose in mind: Your custom exhibition stand design should be framed on your targeted goals and objectives. Make sure that you do not fill your custom stand design with lots and lots of content as it only yawns the audience. Properly outline your exhibition goals before refining the size, budget and location. Make sure that you jot down the answers to questions like:
  • Do you want to introduce a new product?
  • Do you want to aware the audience about existing products?
  • Do you want to attract new customers?
  • Do you want to widen your suppliers?
  • Do you want to curate new networks?
  • Keep a tab on target audience: Your custom stand design is designed as per your targeted audience group. Every target group comes with different expectations for your show booth. Your message should be clear and your custom exhibition stand display should be framed in a way that it delivers an accurate message to your targeted audience while giving welcoming senses to the potential audiences.
  • Lighting plays a pivotal role: Architecture and graphics alone cannot make an influential custom exhibition stand display. A powerful custom booth exhibition stand is a blend of small detailing. Human senses like touch, smell and sight plays a major role in fabricating a persuasive custom stand design. You can set the mood of your audience by affixing the bright lightings at your custom exhibition stands. Proper lighting helps in enhancing the ambience while drawing the attention of your audiences. It will lit-up your booth while outshining it from the others.  
  • Avoid clutter: Custom exhibition stands does not run on the notion of “more is always better.” Your custom exhibition stand display is not your retail shop. Make sure that you don’t display everything. You can feature your best products or you can showcase the new ones. Either way, you want to go, keep a limited inventory to avoid any clutter. Give proper space to the audience to explore your products.

Keep an eye on the above-written tips while planning a custom exhibition stand. Connect with us to mark your presence with innovative booths at the exhibitions.


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