SIMA Paris 2024

SIMA is the international exhibition for agroecological transformations.

24 to 27 November 2024

Paris Nord Villepinte, France.

SIMA Paris

SIMA 2024 - Unleashing Innovation in Paris with Booth Constructor

SIMA, the International Agricultural Show, is an international exhibition that focuses on agroecological transformations. The event brings together industry professionals, farmers, researchers, and innovators from around the world to exchange ideas, technologies, and best practices in the field of sustainable agriculture.

SIMA 2024 is a highly anticipated event that attracts professionals from different aspects of the agricultural sector. It is a platform for networking, knowledge exchange, and showcasing the latest advancements in sustainable agriculture. Attendees can expect a wide range of exhibits, conferences, and seminars covering topics such as organic farming, precision farming, water management, and renewable energy.

Growing a Sustainable Future: SIMA 2024 - Uniting Global Innovators in Agroecology

The SIMA exhibition offers a diverse array of exhibits showcasing the latest innovations and technologies in the field of agroecology. Visitors can expect to see a wide range of products, services, and equipment related to sustainable agriculture, including:

  1. Farm Machinery: Agricultural machinery manufacturers will showcase their latest equipment, such as tractors, harvesters, planters, irrigation systems, and more.
  2. Seed and Crop Technology: Companies specializing in seeds, crop protection products, and biotechnology will display their latest solutions for improving crop yield and quality.
  3. Agricultural Robotics: Robotics companies will display their automation solutions, including robotic harvesters, drones, and automated irrigation systems.
  4. Energy Solutions: Exhibitors will showcase renewable energy sources, energy efficiency technologies, and storage solutions for agricultural applications.
  5. Sustainable Packaging: Companies will present eco-friendly packaging solutions, including biodegradable plastics and recyclable packaging materials.
  6. Sustainable Practices: Organizations promoting sustainable agriculture will showcase their initiatives, programs, and best practices related to organic farming, agroforestry, and integrated pest management.

Conferences and Seminars

SIMA 2024 will also feature a comprehensive conference program, featuring renowned speakers, industry experts, and researchers. The conference themes will cover various aspects of agroecology, including:

– Organic Farming: Exploring the benefits of organic farming and its impact on soil fertility, biodiversity, and human health.

– Precision Farming: Analyzing new technologies, techniques, and tools for optimizing crop production, reducing inputs, and improving efficiency.

– Water Management: Examining innovative strategies for water conservation, irrigation efficiency, and sustainable water management in agricultural settings.

– Renewable Energy: Discussing the integration of renewable energy sources into agricultural systems, including solar, wind, and hydropower.

– Sustainable Agriculture: Examining the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in promoting sustainable agriculture practices worldwide.

Networking Opportunities

SIMA 2024 offers a unique opportunity for professionals to network and connect with peers, industry experts, and potential business partners. The event provides a platform for attendees to establish new contacts, share experiences, and explore potential collaborations.

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    SIMA 2024 Trade Fair Location

    Parc des Expositions de Villepinte

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