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Intergeo Stuttgart is the leading event for the geospatial industry.

24 to 26 September 2024


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A world-class event aimed at the geospatial sector - Intergeo 2024 Stuttgart

A leading trade show in the geospatial sector, Intergeo 2024 will showcase enhanced formats, enhanced side events, and content-based industrial networking. From 24-26 October 2024, the highly anticipated Intergeo Stuttgart, Germany 2024 international trade fair for geodesy, geoinformation, and land management will take place at Messe Stuttgart. Among the topics covered by the program are presentations, seminars led by subject matter experts, and panel discussions on current events.

What is the process for organizing the geospatial fair in 2024?

Intergeo 2024 is a leading B2B open platform connecting professionals and consumers. This platform offers a wide range of topics, including surveying, geoinformation, remote sensing, and photogrammetry, as well as technologies and solutions associated with these topics. There are more than 16,000 attendees from 92 countries and more than 500,000 users on its website, making it one of the largest forums for industry discourse in the world. The event 2024 Stuttgart will showcase cutting-edge technology and services in themed areas and stages.

Discover interesting insights from Intergeo Stuttgart

This trade show offers key decision-makers in the geospatial industry the opportunity to establish partnerships and networks. INTERGEO Stuttgart 2024 is a leading platform for vendor and manufacturer procurement in geodesy and land management. The Stuttgart, Germany trade fair 2024 offers presentations, seminar discussions, panel discussions, and other industry discussions. It marked GeoSpatial 2022’s fourth consecutive year as the most important event in the field.

Unveiling the Future: Geospatial Innovations and Insights at Intergeo Stuttgart 2024

Intergeo 2024 will feature a comprehensive exhibition that showcases the latest developments and solutions in the field of geomatics. Exhibitors from various sectors of the industry will display their products and services, including:

GIS and Mapping:

Exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and mapping technologies, including software, hardware, and data services.

Geolocation and Positioning:

Exhibitors will display state-of-the-art geolocation and positioning systems, including GPS, satellite navigation, and terrestrial positioning technologies.

Surveying and Mapping:

Exhibitors will present innovative solutions for land surveying, mapping, and remote sensing.

Geo Big Data and Analytics:

Exhibitors will showcase cutting-edge tools and technologies for processing and analyzing large geodata sets, enabling informed decision-making.

IoT and Smart Cities:

Exhibitors will demonstrate the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies with geospatial data to create smart cities and intelligent infrastructure.

UAV and Drone Solutions:

Exhibitors will showcase unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drones equipped with advanced sensors and imaging capabilities for various applications, including aerial mapping and inspections.

BIM and Construction:

Exhibitors will present Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools and solutions, enabling the integration of geospatial data into the construction industry.

Natural Resources and Agriculture:

Exhibitors will highlight technologies for monitoring and managing natural resources, including agriculture, forestry, and water management.

Transportation and Logistics:

Exhibitors will demonstrate the use of geospatial technologies in transportation and logistics, enhancing efficiency and safety.

Security and Disaster Management:

Exhibitors will showcase technologies and expertise in the field of security and disaster management, including emergency response and risk assessment.

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