GITEX Technology Week 2024 Dubai, UAE

GITEX Technology Week 2024 exhibition is the largest IT tech industry trade fair.

 14th to 18th October 2024

Dubai, UAE


GITEX Technology Week 2024 show is the most inclusive Tech & Start-up event

GITEX Global show in Dubai brings together the world’s most influential ecosystems to advance business, economy, society, and culture through the power of innovation. The world’s largest and most inclusive tech and start-up event, GITEX Global 2024, unveils new worlds of promise, from the transcendent power of 6G to the vast virtual business ecosystems of the Metaverse , among many other tech-powered revolutions and forward-thinking ideas. GITEX Technology Week 2024 exhibition is the largest and most unique showcase of enterprise solutions and is set to shape the tech world.

Global Trends featured in influential ecosystems 2024?

Explore the latest trends featured in Gitex Technology Week Show-

  • Coding – Celebrating the technical wizardry behind digital revolutions, attending the largest developer engagement and empowerment meet-up in partnership with Coders HQ. GITEX Global 2024 exhibition features the creativity behind the industry’s most ground-breaking technologies.
  • X-VERSE – At GITEX Global 2024, you can see the launch of the world’s largest curated Web 3.0 immersive journey to help Dubai achieve its 5-year goal of attracting 5000 meta-verse companies. Access unique, never-before-seen case studies of top-tier Web 3.0 experiences.
  • Sustainability  GITEX Global show is a place for people-powered, tech-enabled ESG realities focused on climate technology, green business, and nets-zero goals.
  • Cyber Security – The gap between business and security leaders is growing, placing cyber leaders in a crucial position. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Cyber security Outlook, 87% of top executives intend to improve their organization’s cyber resilience.

Why to visit GITEX Technology Week Exhibition?

  • GITEX Technology Week 2024 offers an excellent opportunity to learn from world leaders, innovators, and decision-makers as they discuss and debate cutting-edge concepts in everything from artificial intelligence (AI), the meta-verse, quantum computing, programming, and sustainability.
  • GITEX Global show empowers your business by connecting you to the most influential public-private partnerships, tech titans, creative start-ups, and enterprises from over 170 countries.
  • GITEX Technology Week 2024 exhibition empowers your business by connecting you to the most influential public-private partnerships, tech titans, creative start-ups, and enterprises from over 170 countries.
  • The GITEX Global show is the best platform for bringing together the industry in one place to connect, source new opportunities, network, and maintain a competitive edge.
  • At the GITEX Technology Week show in Dubai, with over 4000 exhibitors and over 200 government entities from 170+ countries, you will be walking alongside global tech titans, creative start-ups, and revolutionary innovators.

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    GITEX Technology Week  Trade Fair Location

    Dubai World Trade Centre
    Sheikh Zayed Rd – Trade Centre – Trade Centre 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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