Questions To Ask Yourself Before Renting Or Buying Hybrid Booth For Trade Shows

Trade shows made its place long back while creating a platform to generate business and build professional networks at an international level. Now exhibiting in trade shows is the key to market your product and service face-to-face. However, participating in one comes with many questions related to a successful launch and generating business. Speaking for which, launching a successful trade show booth and generating business works parallel.  If you have a captivating and business centric booth design, you will be able to connect with more clients hence, more business. Hence, it is significant to wisely choose a booth display for your upcoming participation!

Let us introduce you to Hybrid Trade Show Booths (combination of custom and modular booth) – where you have numerous options to choose the best suitable exhibition stand. Yes, you understood right! Pre-designed booths “ready to ship” available in our inventory are the future of simplified exhibiting version.  Hybrid booths (custom modular booths) have helped our clients to exhibit in trade shows hassle-free and at a comparatively low cost. Opting for such booths gives you flexibility in price, designs and time (saved from conceptualising, designing and constructing a booth). Eventually, hybrid booths are the solution to offer you the best of both the worlds!

Questions You Must Look Into Before Renting Or Buying A Hybrid Trade Show Booths

  • How many times you will be participating in trade shows around the year
  • Plan you year ‘round budget for the trade shows you want to exhibits in
  • If you are exhibiting in different cities or in the same city (since it will involve shipping cost of the exhibition booth)

Renting And Buying A Hybrid Booth (Custom-Modular Trade Show Booth) Comes With Different Benefits- Have A Look!

Renting a hybrid booth gives you the advantage of flexibility where in you can experiment with different booth designs and styles in every show. In fact, renting a hybrid trade show booth helps in saving cost when you have a tight budget. You can explore various styles of custom modular booths. Once you finalise the booth design you can request the modifications as per your requirements. Hybrid booths can be re-configured and elements can be changed such as flooring, literature stands, lights, digital displays and other such exhibit essentials.

Buying a hybrid trade show booth is ideal when you have to exhibit in multiple shows all around the year. Proven to be cost effective in long run- let’s take an example; when you purchase a hybrid booth for say, €100,000 and you utilise it 3 to 4 times in a year, which comes down to €25,000 for one time booth. However, if you rent the booth 4 different times it may cost you €30,000- €35,000 each time while taking the final amount up to €40,000 higher. Hence, you can use a purchased hybrid booth for multiple shows at lower cost per annum and can interchange the graphics, scale the booth size and replace exhibit essentials as per the need.

End Results Of Your Decision Making

There’s no theory that decides what booth and design and bring you success. However, strategized planning and executing it smartly does bring you success. Moreover, it is up to your participation- how frequently you have plans to exhibit in a trade show annually. Other than that, if you like to have full control over your hybrid trade show booth then we suggest you to buy it. Or else if you are exhibiting in one or two shows then we suggest you to rent a hybrid booth (custom-modular trade show booth).


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