ITMA 2027

 16 to 22 September 2027

 Hannover, Germany

ITMA  Hannover 2027 is the world’s largest textile and apparel trade fair.

ITMA Hannover is the world's most influential textile and garment technology

A global textile and apparel technology exhibition, the International Textile Machinery Exhibition focuses on breakthroughs that will assist textile and apparel manufacturers in transforming and expanding their businesses. ITMA Hannover is held every four years to showcase the latest textile and apparel processing equipment, materials, and technologies, foster partnerships, and promote collaboration. It will take place from 16 to 22 September 2027 in Hannover,Germany.

Convincing Reasons to visit ITMA Hannover 2027

With exhibits spanning 20 sectors, including composites, ITMA 2027  in Hannover is the only one-stop technology sourcing platform that showcases the latest trends and solutions for the entire textile and apparel value chain. ITMA 2027 gives you the opportunity to source wisely across industries, future-proof your business with the best solutions, and outperform your competitors.

ITMA 2027 will bring together over 1,570 exhibitors, including key decision-makers and renowned brand owners. ITMA Hannover will bring together over 1,570 exhibitors, including key decision-makers and renowned brand owners.

Learn about ITMA 2027's Various Awards

As part of CEMATEX’s mission to promote outstanding industry research and innovation throughout the textile and garment value chain, this prestigious award was launched in 2015. Visitor experiences will be enhanced by the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award. The International Textile Machinery Exhibition will also feature Industry Excellence Awards and Research & Innovation Excellence Awards.

  • Industry Excellence Awards – This award is given to an ITMA 2027 exhibitor’s customer who has used technological innovations to advance business sustainability that benefits people, the planet, and profit.
  • Research & Innovation Excellence Awards – This award recognizes outstanding textile and garment-related postgraduate research achievements. It is open to Master’s degree students from an exhibiting ITMA 2027 Research and Innovation organization.

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