Easy To Set Up Custom-Modular Trade Show Booth Rentals In Germany

Germany is one of the most popular destinations for international trade fairs. People from around the world visit the place to take part in at least one of the trade fair shows. Every year, the country welcomes approximately 180,000 exhibitors and ten million visitors offering life time business oppurtunities. These trade shows in Germany bring together partners from all around the world and provide a space for them to interact and discuss the latest innovations. These hubs are ready-to-go shows that represent global markets.

With Sensations Exhibits, you can have custom-modular trade show booth rentals that go well with your brand trademark.

Here Is A List Of Some Of Our Most Popular Custom-Modular Booth Rentals In Germany

Model HMBC51010: This 10*10 custom-modular trade show booth rental is a two corner stand designed mostly with three bold colors black, white and purple to make it heartwarmingly visible in the crowd. The three easy entrance makes it accessible for your audience to make an ambiance while welcoming maximum number of trade show booth visitors. 

Model HMBC61010: This 10*10 custom-modular booth rental built with the structure of the island stand has alluring colors of blue and white. The open area provides you the opportunity to interact with your prospects freely meanwhile allowing you to showcase your products creatively. Nonetheless, it has sufficient space as well that gives you the benefit to utilise graphics and add other important exhibitimg elements.  

Model HMBC71010: This 10*10 custom-modular trade show booth rental is built with a mixture of shades of blue with a slight coalesce of white coloring. The island stand design has maximum space that enables maximised sitting corners for your audience and to display your products and extra digital displays as per your requirement.

Model HMBC81010: This 10*10 custom-modular trade show booth rental is a two-corner stand built with dusky brown colors. There are several display boards and sitting arrangements are sufficiently enlarged for easy going for your customers.

Above Hybrid Booth Rentals In Germany Includes:

  • All counters and showcases (as shown)
  • Graphics as per client’s artwork
  • LED Lights
  • Furniture
  • Carpet
  • Installation and Dismantle
  • Transportation
  • Project Management

New To Custom-Modular Trade Show Booth Rentals-Read The Amazing Facts!

Custom-modular booths also known as hybrid booths are built with a blend of custom and modular booths. These types of booths have taken the show industry by storm due to their many advantages. The readily built custom-modular trade show rentals are customized with the use of diverse materials such as metal, fabric, acrylics, wood, and laminates. Due to its cost-effective nature, it provides you with the option to add several other aesthetic features to diversify and make your booth versatile. The modular feature allows it with the adjustability of the size or shape. Take the advantage of the latest cutting-edge technology and get a custom-modular trade show booth rental in Germany with Booth Constructor.

Other Compensation Packages For Custom-Modular Trade Show Booth Rentals With Booth Bonstructor

  • 100% customizable: Our assortment of custom-modular trade show booth rentals is fully customizable with many versatile characters. You can specify if you want furnishings, a television, digital screens, graphics, or any other items in your brief. The changes can be easily made as per your request.
  • No additional labor costs: There is always the question of transportation and setting up your booth. For custom-modular booths, you won’t have to pay for the labor the installation and dismantling will be taken care of from our end.
  • A budget-friendly option: If you are a regular exhibitor and you need to travel all around the year to display your products and services then renting a custom-modular booth rental is the most cost-effective option. If you want your brand to stand out in the pool of competitive marketers while staying within your budget, the hybrid booth is your go-to choice.
  • Delivering finalized product: We guarantee that the finalized custom-modular trade show booth rental will arrive on the show floor 100% pre-built.


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