About EMO, Hannover Germany Trade Fair

EMO is the leading trade fair for the European Association of the Machine Tool Industries held in Hannover Germany. Hannover Germany welcomes exhibitors planning to exhibit in EMO exhibition- the world machine tool event, representing various domestic and international companies at an international level. Considering the trade show EMO is recognised as the world’s prominent show displaying machine tools and, international exhibitors travel to exhibit in this show every year! The trade fair showcases industry’s latest technology, products, materials and various applications invented to make life easier. Most importantly, there are several lectures and forums hosted at EMO Hannover Germany to exchange and share the industry knowledge between manufacturers and retailers.

The show EMO Hannover is an international trade fair that is dedicated to automation technologies, metal working and manufacturing. In fact, did you know, the show welcomes approximately 125,000 number of trade show visitors? Well, that’s true! Moreover, there are diversified product categories featured at EMO that are further segregated thematically into six various groups as followed: Tooling, Services, Other Machines, Metrology & Quality Control, Machine Tools, Manufacturing & Process Automation.

One of the most prominent advantage as the visitor EMO Hannover trade show is, you can freely discover and explore several business arenas of the show. Above all, if you’re the exhibitor or the visitor participating in EMO then you have the opportunity to personally meet the industry’s leading personalities and can build professional network with them. What even makes this show prominent than other industry shows is, above 50 per cent of EMO trade show visitors come from outside Italy, specifically from Europe & Asia. Which clearly means, as the upcoming EMO trade fair approaches to its commencement, increased number of foreign trade show visitors will be looking to be the part of it. So, plan your exhibition stand at EMO today with an experienced stand design and built company in Europe- the one who can help you with tech oriented and business driven booth designing and construction. Connect with Booth Constructor today to get a free quote and design!